Proof of Identity

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Proof of Identity

So, what’s considered an “acceptable” form of identification when seeking the services of a notary public?


Unaccepted forms of identification may include the following:

Birth certificates

Social security cards

Credit cards

Debit cards

Accepted forms of identification for having notarial services performed include the following:

Every signer must show valid (not expired) photo identification. All identification must contain a photo, a physical description, a signature and a serial number. California recognizes the following types of identification if issued within the last 5 years:

In addition to providing Identification. We also verify your identity using knowledge-based authentication, which offers you a series of specific questions that only you can answer. Once your ID has been verified, your identity is further validated using a government-issued photo ID. You are then connected with a commissioned notary public via live audio-video call. The notary public re-confirms your identity visually using the scanned photo ID, and then witnesses as you electronically sign the document.

State-issued driver’s license

State-issued identification card

U.S. military identification card

Resident alien identification card (green card)

U.S. passport

Credible witnesses are required to sign an affidavit which states:

The signer of the document is known to the credible witness.

The credible witness believes the signer of the document does not possess an acceptable form of identification.

The credible witness believes the signer of the document is reasonably unable to obtain an acceptable form of identification.

The credible witness has no financial interest or incentive for the document’s execution.

Checking and verifying the signer’s identify is critical step in performing a notarial service. Some people may view it as a nuisance, but it’s performed to safeguard against fraud. So the next time you need a document notarized, remember to bring one of the accepted forms of identification mentioned above.

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