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Looking for a Notary near you? Need a document notarized?

Usually getting a document notarized means waiting in line at a bank, a FedEx or UPS, or at the Post Office down the street. This can be a huge hassle for people who don’t have the ability to take time off work or leave home to find a notary public. And, even if you can find the time, the next question is always Where Can I Get Something Notarized? Or, Where Can I Find a Notary? Or even better, Where Can I Get Something Notarized for Free?

If you’re looking for a Notary near you to get that document notarized, most of your options require tracking someone down and waiting in line.

The truth is, most of us don’t have the ability to take time off from work or from our families to meet one in person.

Nash solves this problem. For $25, you can get any document notarized online, 24/7.

  • Register Online.
  • Upload any document, but DON’T SIGN IT before uploading it. You must sign before the notary public.
  • Fill out the document using platform digital tools.
  • Validate your identity.
  • When ready, press to connect with a notary public. You’ll be connected in a live video call with a licensed notary public in less than three minutes, 24×7.
  • Sign using your iPhone or Computer as the notary public watches over live video.
  • Wait as the notary public notarizes your document online (typically less than one minute)
  • You’re done! Download your notarized PDF.
  • Print it or share it online
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